Blanco 440179 Bowl Kitchen Sink Review

Blanco 440179 Anthracite Diamond 1 3/4 Bowl Kitchen Sink

Blanco 440179 Anthracite Diamond 1 3/4 Bowl Kitchen Sink

Blanco is popularly known as one of home improvement top brands. Blanco is a solution for those looking for faucets and kitchen sink. One of the best buy products of this brand is Blanco 440179 bowl kitchen sink.

A kitchen sink should be not only durable but also attractive and functional. As a kitchen sink is an appliance which is frequently used, durability is a must. Besides, a kitchen sink also plays role to sweeten the room. That is why it should complement your kitchen’s decor.

The 440179 series by Blanco has the criteria mentioned above. It is sturdy and has attractive appearance. It is durable because the sink is made of resilient material which is not easy to break. In addition, it is resistant to extreme heat, chipping, and scratching.

Moreover, this non-porous kitchen sink resists most household. Can you imagine how sturdy it is? Blanco 440179 is a kitchen sink with high quality and value yet low price. Premium quality guarantees best performance. This granite sink with anthracite finish is very classy and elegant.

You will absolutely fall in love with this appliance in the first sight. It is a perfect sink for your modern kitchen especially if you have granite countertop. The uniquely slim bowl divider adds aesthetical value of this sink.

Because Blanco 440178 is an undermount sink, it offers a clean appearance, making the whole kitchen look modern and well-arranged.

There are some tips to buy and use Blanco 440179. First, you can check out some sites and online auctions to compare the price in order to save money. For your information new Blanco 440179 is sold at reasonable price by Amazon while the used ones much cheaper.

Perhaps, other online auctions offer a better price. So, don’t be reluctant to check around. Work on some researches before you come into decision to buy this sink. Buying online is usually cheaper than buying from local home depots.

Although Blanco appliances are known to be durable, you still need to take care of it properly otherwise there will be significant damage. This can be done by following the cleaning and care instructions from the sink manufacturer.

In order to clean any stains or marks, you can use cream cleaner or at least warm soapy water. So, what are you waiting for? Order this beautiful sink right now and recommend this great kitchen sink to your friends.

Blanco 440179 Anthracite Diamond 1 3/4 Bowl Kitchen Sink

Blanco 440179 Anthracite Diamond 1 3/4 Bowl Kitchen Sink