Blanco 440194 Diamond Super Single Kitchen Sink Review

Blanco 440194 Anthracite Finish Diamond Super Single Bowl Kitchen Sink

Blanco 440194 Anthracite Finish Diamond Super Single Bowl Kitchen Sink

There are two options of sinks, double and single sink. Both options have their own strengths and weaknesses. If you have a small kitchen, single kitchen sink is the best choice. It does not take a lot of space in the kitchen since there is only one washing area.

Moreover the size is smaller than double sinks. That is why people living in small homes and apartment tend to choose single sinks for their kitchen. This small sink is also suitable for people who like to use a larger work space such as for peeling, chopping, and other preparation tasks.

So, if you do a lot of complex cooking meal which require a large work space, the more advantageous option is indeed single sink. As there are a lot of home improvement manufactures and brands, you should carefully select the best product.

Blanco 440194 Diamond Super Single kitchen sink can be a good choice that you need to consider.

After functionality, the second thing you should consider is the style. As a part of a home decor, it is important to have a kitchen sink with an attractive look. Blanco 440194 kitchen sink comes in self-rimming style with anthracite finish. It is very beautiful black colored kitchen sink.

Other color options are white, truffle, cafe brown, metallic gray, cinder and biscotti. It is made of tough granite to ensure its durability. Due to the durability, you can use it for many years to come without problems.

Based on buyers reviews from Amazon, many buyers have used this kitchen sink for many years and it still offers good performance. In other words, it can be said that this excellent quality kitchen sink is a great investment.

You can keep its lasting value only by simple cleaning. Installing this appliance is also very easy because the instruction is pretty clear and easy to follow.

How much does Blanco 440194 kitchen sink cost? Price varies among stores. Averagely it can be purchased at reasonable price tag. This kitchen sink is quite cheaper, isn’t it? With such low price, you can own a durable single kitchen sinks which resists stain, scratch, and heat.

If you want to, you can by additional accessories like colander, cutting board, and stainless steel grid large. These optional accessories are sold separately. Blanco 440194 is really a perfect sink that can beautify your kitchen decor. For the details of specifications and features, you can visit any sites which sell this product.

Blanco 440194 Diamond Super Single Bowl Kitchen Sink

Blanco 440194 Diamond Super Single Bowl Kitchen Sink