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Vintage Ceiling Fans – Best Looks

Minka Aire F802 ORB Vintage Gyro 42in Indoor Ceiling Fan oil rubbed bronze

For an antique items enthusiast like me, to have real antique item to decorate my house’s interior is simply something that irresistible whenever I got a chance to come across real antique items anywhere. But antique item has one great challenge beside it usually high priced, antique item especially in house furnishing item can have a great challenge on the…

Ceiling Fans Light Covers

Hunter 53090 Builder Deluxe 5-Blade Single Light Ceiling Fan with Brazilian Cherry-Stained Oak Blades and White Cased Glass Light Bowl, 52-Inch, Brushed Nickel

In the old days when ceiling fan firstly invented, this air waving mechanism is simply one electrical mechanism which moves blades to generate air wave which will bring cooler effect to the room it resides. Back then, the function of ceiling fan is merely for the purpose as a fan which placed or mounted on the ceiling of the house,…

Craftmade Ceiling Fans Reviews

Craftmade JU54PLN Juna 54 Inch Ceiling Fan, Polished Nickel Motor with Flat Black Blades and Integrated Light Kit

For many houses in tropical or warmer locations in many parts of the world, ceiling fans have been their great part of house interior for decades ever since this kind of product created back then. Ceiling fans have been assisting many people and houses to have cooler air condition with air rotation movements over this electrical device for years. Therefore,…

Umbra Wall Decor as Wall Art

Umbra Wall Decor Magnet Conversion Kit

For those people who happened to like to decorate their living room, particularly their window by putting the right and decorative window shade or “umbra” in Spanish word will surely know this name. This name has been in the industry of home décor for more than 30 years, bringing the best creative and decorative home décor to thousands of homes,…

Dresser Drawer Organizer to Save Space

Drawer Organizer - Dream Drawer (White)

I am sure that everyone must have been having many items, particularly clothes or underwear or neck tie stored in our dresser drawer. Sometime if not most of the time, we found our dresser drawer content have been quite messy from what we did by just take out any item we want and put in the dresser drawer back in….

Plastic Drawer Organizer for Storage and Organization

Sterilite ClearView 3 Storage Drawer Organizer

When you happened to have so many small items made out of plastic such as electronic spare parts and stuffs, mechanical spare parts for cars and motorcycles, I am sure you know how difficult to deal with hundreds of small spare parts which need to be classified and grouped into certain group or usability for an example. And to store…

Convertible Chair Bed for Functionality Wise

Coaster Two Tone Microfiber Convertible Chair in Brown

In many previous articles, we’ve talk enough about convertible sofa which can transform into a sleeping bed at night. There are some names which represents their advance form of what was initially basic form of sofa bed. Some call it sleeper couch, some call it other name. This time we will talk about another for of sofa bed, rather smaller…

Chairs for Bedrooms to Look More Attractive

Decorative Pearl White Finish Desk Vanity Bedroom Chair

There are people who are blessed with relatively large spaces in their house rooms, and one of the favorite rooms to have larger space is bedroom. Some bedrooms are not only have enough space for bed furniture and some closet/cupboard for their clothes, but there are some who are even can have more usability other than those furniture only. Some…

Sofa Bunk Bed Design and Mechanism

Dorel Home Silver Screen Twin over Futon Bunk Bed

As I have mentioned earlier in some other article about multi functional furniture, today I would like to highlight one good multi functional furniture item which, after seeing many combined function furniture, still fascinates me with the contemporary and modern design this carried on, and how things can turn into completely something else in just a matter of seconds only…

Big Joe Bean Bag as Durable Furniture

Comfort Research The Original Big Joe with Smart Max Fabric

The Big Joe bean bag perhaps is one of the other reasons for us young people that 4 years of college are the considered to be the best years in your life. I do not have a definitive reason for this but it sounds make sense to me when my buddies said that the other day to me when they…