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Lunch Containers With Dividers to Pack School Meals

Steeltainer 5 Compartment Lunch Container (White)

Some schools may have provided lunch for the students with healthy meals. But, a homemade nutritious packed lunch always becomes a better alternative for children who are picky eaters or allergic to particular foods. Preparing meals for kids’ lunch every day is perhaps not a difficult task for some housewives. But for busy parents, it can be a little bit…

Wall Spice Rack as a Part of Kitchen Organization

Home-it Spice Rack, Spice Racks for 20 Cabinet Door, Use Spice Clips for Spice Organizer Spice Storage Spice Clips

Have you ever experienced a bad time digging around your cabinet just to find a correct spice? I bet you have. Some people put everything in a cabinet making this storage space cluttered. Not all pieces can be efficiently stored in a cabinet. There are other storage space ideas to keep particular items. One of them is wall spice rack….

Spice Rack Ideas You can Adopt

Ultimate Kitchen Storage Under Cabinet Spice Rack

A spice rack is a must-have piece for any kitchen. Seasonings, herbs, and spices, are required to cook delicious foods and beverages. To keep the seasonings organized, you need a spice rack. There are some spice rack ideas that you can choose depending on your style. Many people probably find it more practical to buy new spice racks from the…

Mason Jars for Drinking and Other Uses

Yorkshire Mason Jar Mug, 17.5 oz., 4 Pieces

The Mason jars for drinking are familiar containers for everybody. They were probably meant for canning. But now, they have a variety of other uses. Don’t wait until the canning season to make use of these study glass containers. They can offer other practical needs as well. Most people make use of mason jars for household storage such as to…

Plastic Containers for Food : Are They Safe?

Rubbermaid 7J76 Easy Find Lid Rectangle Food Storage Container, 24-Cup, Red

Many consumers have serious concerns about using plastic containers for food. Are they safe? Well, it depends on how we select and use the container. Plastic food containers have been widely used because they are sturdy, transparent, lightweight, and the least expensive among other types of food storage containers. However, now all plastics are intended for storing foods. Make sure…

Stainless Steel Food Containers Compared to Glass and Plastic

LunchBots Uno Stainless Steel Food Container, Stainless Steel

Most stainless steel food containers beat glass in many ways. You know glass is often considered as the best material when it comes to food containers because of its sturdiness. Well, it might be true it couldn’t break. But once glass is dropped, it will become pieces. This won’t happen when you use stainless steel. This non-breakable factor is the…

Lock and Lock Lunch Box Food Storage Solution

Lock & Lock, Water Tight Lunch Box Set with Water Bottle, HPL754SP, Total 2.8-cups, 24-oz, Red

The Lock and Lock lunch box is the best food storage solution ever as it doesn’t only save food but also save space and money. You can use the containers to store vegetables, fruits, and healthy snacks. It helps food preparation because you just need to prepare once and keep the foods in the refrigerator. Frozen foods will be always…

Oxo 10 Piece Pop Container Set for Dry Foods

OXO 10-Piece Good Grips Pop Containers Set

Food storage containers must-have items for any kitchen. I can’t imagine how the space will be cluttered if the kitchen lacks of such storage containers. I believe that you can find many kinds of food storage containers in the market easily. But not all of them have good quality. Bear in mind that good storage container will influence the quality…

Glass Food Storage Containers Advantages

Wean Green Garden Pack Snack Cubes Glass Food Containers, Multi-colored , Set of 4

Many years ago, most food storage containers are available in plastic. But then, many people realized that plastic food containers are harmful for the body. So, now people move to glass food storage containers. Compared to plastic, glass container is healthier. Besides, it offers some more benefits. First, glass food storage has a pretty look. Of course the good appearance…

Baby Food Storage Containers by Qubies

Qubies Baby Food & Breastmilk Freezer Storage Tray, 2 Pack - Green

Mothers, especially those who are a working mom, really need baby food storage containers. So, when moms are away for work, foods are always ready at home. The containers are usually used to keep breast milk, purees, and meat, fresh. These baby foods are put in the containers and put in the freezer under -10° C. The colder is better….