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Large Square Coffee Table Decorating Ideas

Contemporary Dark Brown Cocktail Table

A square coffee table is a beautiful addition to any living room. It will be even more appealing if you accessorize it in a proper way. With the right decoration, the coffee table can add elegance to the decor of the room. This is especially important if you have a large square coffee table. Letting the large surface empty will…

Large Picture Frames: DIY Project

Adeco Black Wood 12-Openings Wall Collage Picture Frame

Do you have a large photo but do not find the right-size photo frame? You know, most of craft stores only sell standard-size frames. Sometimes large picture frames are not available. Why don’t you make it your own? Well, it is moderately easy. First look at your files or photo album. Pick one photo that you are going to frame….

Metal Wall Art that Provides Visual Interest

Contemporary metal wall art. Wall Sculptures by Ash Carl

Metal wall art once was used in Tuscan home design or Mediterranean homes. Today, this decorative piece becomes a trend in modern and country homes as well. As metal or wrought-iron wall art is visually interesting, it is often used to decorate a room which lacks architectural details. This wall art has special texture and weight that can add a…

Hooks For Hanging – Decorative Ideas

Ook/Impex Systems Group 50918 17 Picture Hanging Value Pack Kit

These days, modern dwellings are always in a condition where space is always an issue. We seems to be always running out of place and space for anything. Small size apartment or house are always on the top list of dwellings running out of space. But many interior experts say that there are many hidden space for storage in even…

Menards Ceiling Fans Reviews

Turn Of The Century Tempo 52 in 3 Light Ceiling Fan

Ever since ceiling fans invented long time ago, there are some well known brand names in this industry which known for their good quality ceiling fan products and one of them is Menards ceiling fans which well known for their good quality ceiling fans. Known for their “dedicated for quality” motto, this company will ensure their products meet market’s expectation…

Bella Lux Fine Linens for Home Bedding

Bella Lux Charcoal Grey & Light Aqua Damask Fabric Shower Curtain

In any bedroom, bed to be precise, linen is an essential item. Together as one set with pillow covers, this item will have a great impact on you when you’re sleeping in your bed. The perfect linen and pillow covers will ensure you’ll get a good sleep for the night and the wrong one can definitely ruins your night which…

Pull Out Pantry for Small Apartment

Venture Horizon Thin Man Pantry Cabinet

When we talk about how to maximize the usage of space in our house, we are thinking of living in modern city dwelling like studio or 1-2 room size apartment and in this kind of place, every inch does counts. We have to constantly facing the challenge of narrow and limited space in almost every aspect in our house. We…

Frogg Toggs Chilly Pad Cooling Towel Review

Chill Its 6602 Cooling Towel, Blue

When I heard about the name of Frogg Toggs, and so do other people as well, the imagination will straight away flew to a name of satisfaction guaranteed of undisputed leader in lightweight, breathable, affordable rainwear and one of the most recognized name in the rainwear industry is simple. This company was founded in 1996 and continue in growing their…

Black Velvet Hangers Brings Luxury and Quality


For some people it may sounds a bit weird when they see that I like black so much. Almost everything in my daily life should I ever have a chance to pick the desirable color, surely it will ends up choosing the black one instead. To me, black means something that represent mysterious way or thing. But general understanding is,…

Z Bar Hanger – Handle Heavy Items Easily

Z bar Hanging Rod Strip Bar Hanging System

Ever since I got this house from my grandpa couple of years ago, I got all these pictures and paint as well as antique rugs too. They are all rolled nicely inside each roll container and stacked and stored them nicely in the library room so far. I know that my grandpa travelled a lot during his young years decades…