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Rustic Wall Clocks Vintage and Antique Collection

Pocket Watch Style Vintage French Rustic Ribbon Wall Clock - M

Grown up in the west has given me lots of influence in the way I live, the way I act, the way I choose the style and many things in my life, including the theme and design of my house as well as the exterior and interior part of it. Rural area of the west has significant influence which brings…

Steampunk Wall Art Decoration Ideas

Steampunk Girl Fanbase - Peel and Stick Removable Graphic

When the first time I heard about Steampunk wall art, I did not have any idea what is this art genre is all about. I am not an artist nor house and interior designer but I am an art enthusiast and I do appreciate many art forms. I have been decorating my house with many art forms which I got…

Lamp with Shelves for Floor Addition

Adesso 3117-01 Stewart Round Shelf Floor Lamp

With such a limited space in my studio size apartment in this big city, I do not have much choice to pick in terms on how to get the right furniture items, the right interior decoration items and theme, and many more to list out here. With a space issue that linger along with me all these years, I need…

Lighted Wall Art for Modern Interior Design

Flickering Twinkling LED Canvas Holiday Lights Wall Art

When we talk about interior decoration design, it seems that we will never running out of theme to discuss about. The concepts are limitless with the expandable imaginary capacity of human mind of creativity. We can start with the old world theme which brings along the sense of an old world, mystically giving a sense of mysterious ambience over the…

Rustic Coat Rack Plans and Design

Coaster Home Furnishings Tree Branches Coat Rack, Brown

Born and grew up in west, anything that has a rustic style has been there in my blood ever since I can remember. Anyone who happened to ever came and visit my home can easily tell where I came from, the root of my family and so on. The exterior and interior of my house have a thick taste of…

Umbra Wall Decor as Wall Art

Umbra Wall Decor Magnet Conversion Kit

For those people who happened to like to decorate their living room, particularly their window by putting the right and decorative window shade or “umbra” in Spanish word will surely know this name. This name has been in the industry of home décor for more than 30 years, bringing the best creative and decorative home décor to thousands of homes,…

Junk Drawer Organizer Ideas for Home

Vance Trim to Fit Junk Drawer Organizer

Sometime it such an avoidable thing that we can end up having so many small items in our house or our office desk for which we almost forget what they, who they are belongs to, what are they and so on. This issue can be something that messed up our mind when we finally don’t know what we are going…

Driftwood Candle Holder as Centerpiece

Jungle Driftwood 2-Pc Tea Light Holder Set

I like the sense of natural things in almost everything, and this including my house interior as well. I have one small cottage in the mountain where I like to spend a week end with my family up there. The situation and surrounding area are magnificent. You’ll feel so close with the nature once you get there anytime. This cottage…

Plate Display Rack to Enrich Your Room

Augusta Wide 3 Tier Black Vertical 44.25inc H Plate Rack

When I mentioned about plate, it may refers to both decorative plates as well as function plates for us to have our meal at. Therefore, plate display rack is an essential item for us to be able to display our collection or decorative plates in such a nice and displayable position which will bring pleasant viewing experience to our eyes….

Acrylic Drawer Organizer Set for Home Office

7 Piece Acrylic Drawer Organizer Set

Acrylic has been choose to made many things, especially those related with office accessories because of many factors. First because of the clarity of this material which looks like a glass material but without any worry that it will easily break such as real glass, therefore this is one obvious advantage of acrylic over real glass made items. Secondly, this…