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Mosaic Wall Art Decoration and Design

SPI Home 45023 Sunfaces Mosaic Glass, Set of 2

There are many kinds of wall arts from countless numbers of paintings and pictures, to some other forms of wall arts which may perhaps looks little bit unusual but it all comes back to someone’s preference and perspective as well as perception over wall art. Some people may prefer to have paintings and pictures adorning their wall but to me,…

Insulated Food Containers for Lunch

Aladdin 10-01452-010 Insulated to-go Food Container, 24-Ounce

Food preservation becomes a trend for the last decade with busy life style we have these days. People tend to make larger portion of prepared/cooked/half-cooked foods and preserve them on refrigerator for an immediate re-heat process for consumption in each eatable portion. In order to be able to preserve the food and remains them on good condition to consume later…

Wall Candle Holder and Home Ambiance

Modern Art Candle Holder Wall Sconce Plaque Set Of Two

A wall candle holder or candelabras as Spanish people said, it perhaps one of the oldest house accessories item we can find the trace back to very old days of thousand years ago where most houses were adorned with this hanging candle holder as the only light source for those houses during the night times. These days, wall candle holder…

Wine Bottle Planter for Hydroponic User

Wine Bottle Planter 1

With some creativity, we can re-use some used items we’ve used in our house. This is part of recycle process so we can minimize the waste amount as much as we can. Not everything can be simply thrown away because some may transformed into completely something else with completely other purpose/use. Take wine bottle for an example. Usually, we can…

Thermos Stainless King as Beverage Bottle

Thermos Stainless King 16-Ounce Compact Bottle

Thermos has been a good and well known brand for beverage container maker ever since I can remember. They’re so famous here that all kinds of beverage container regardless the brand name, people refers and call it “thermos”, so they are that famous that makes their brand name now stands as a “word” referring to beverage container which can keep…

Outdoor Bakers Rack Wrought Iron Style

Santa Fe Nailhead Iron 4-Tier Bakers Rack

Bakers rack has been used as display place for many decorative items as well as many functional items inside the house, usually in the kitchen since long time ago. The natural usage of this rack was meant for baker to put their newly baked cookies or bread. But this interior furniture item does not mean can’t go outside and looking…

Baby Food Storage For Clean And Healthy Solution

Universal Baby Food Jar Storage & Organizer

Preparing your baby food sometime takes lots of effort and time, as well as challenging because maybe, for working mom, you may not always near your beloved baby all the time and the best thing to do when your baby needs to be fed is to prepare the food as soon as possible in the best possible condition and quality…

Pyrex Storage Set for Your Foods

Pyrex 6004023 6-Piece Glass Rectangular Storage Set with Blue Lids

Pyrex has been well known for their non-porous glass made container for foods since long time ago. I remember that my mom has been having this rectangular shape Pyrex glass container ever since I was a kid and she still uses this until this very today, many years after the purchase, the glass container remains as good as it was….

Stainless Steel Thermos as Beverage Containers

Thermos Nissan Stainless Steel Carafe

Be able to enjoy your favorite cold or hot beverage even when you’re on your way somewhere or simply in the middle of working hour in your office desk, is something that is going to boost up your spirit once you have one. But common drink container or water bottle would not be able to keep the temperature longer than…

Outdoor Wall Art Ideas to Decorate Your Space

Collections Etc - Decorative Glowing Garden Frogs Wall Decor

People often forgotten to give an attention to decoration of their house exterior and concentrate more to their interior only, but actually exterior deserves some attention too. There’s obvious reason as to why exterior needs some touch up too. This part of the house is the first thing that people look when they come to our house. Anything we put…