Step2 Corvette Bed for Toddlers

Step2 Corvette Bed with Lights - Red/Silver/Black

Step2 Corvette Bed with Lights – Red/Silver/Black

Hi, mothers! Is your baby growing fast? Now, he’s not a baby anymore but toddler. You may think of buying him a new bed. There are many manufacturers making beds for toddlers because there is a high demand in the market. Now parents are more aware that toddlers need a special bed. It is a bed that can help them grow and more independent. There is no better choice than Step2 Corvette Bed for toddlers.

This bed is made in USA. Whether you have little girls or boys, this bed will be a lovely bed for them. This bed is a kind of racing car bed. Every kid loves it very much. It is important to set a comfortable and fun place for children to sleep and play, right? With this Corvette bed, the children can race away to dreamland. Isn’t that so nice?

Step2 Corvette Bed comes with so many features. It has a built-in race track so while the mattress is in place, your little kids can happily play with their toy cars. They can just play it every time. The bed is affordable. You can order it from most retailers. Unlike other toddler beds which usually can only be used until the kids are five years old, this Step2 bed from Corvette can be used by kids from age two to ten.

Step2 Corvette Bed without Lights - Red/Silver/Black

Step2 Corvette Bed without Lights – Red/Silver/Black

It means that you don’t need to buy a one during the 8 years. Most importantly, the durability of this bed is not in doubt. Even when some kids are playing on it, it will not be broken. Parents, therefore, can leave their small kids playing alone without so much worry.

Although Step2 Corvette Bed does not come with a mattress, you can just easily buy a mattress yourself. Every crib mattress works for this bed. Moreover, it can be converted to accommodate twin mattress anytime necessary. So, buy this bed now and see how you and the kids will love it.

Don’t forget to 4 “AAA” batteries as these are not included in the package. But the stores surely sell them as well. Learn the assembly carefully as this bed requires that. You can also buy the Corvette dresses, room organizer, and chest. These items are sold separately. If you buy the sets, imagine how the bedroom will look like. It must be very welcoming. The more you buy, you can get more discounts.

Step2 Car Bedroom Furniture Red Corvette Dresser Storage Combo

Step2 Car Bedroom Furniture Red Corvette Dresser Storage Combo