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Mason Jars for Drinking and Other Uses

Yorkshire Mason Jar Mug, 17.5 oz., 4 Pieces

The Mason jars for drinking are familiar containers for everybody. They were probably meant for canning. But now, they have a variety of other uses. Don’t wait until the canning season to make use of these study glass containers. They can offer other practical needs as well. Most people make use of mason jars for household storage such as to…

Canning Jars with Handles and Lids

Bormioli Rocco Fido Glass Canning Jar Italian

Glass made jars have been utilized to put many items, especially food and cooking related items, in our house, particularly kitchen area for so long. People have been using these glasses made out jars to store their spices, jams and many other foods and cooking related. The “looked though” nature of these canning jars enable people to be easily identify…