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Seiko Melodies in Motion Wall Clocks – Three Categories

Seiko Melodies in Motion Clock with 18 Hi-Fi melodies

A musical wall clock can be a relaxing therapy people who enjoy both popular and classic melodies. Of course you enjoy such music from the radio or music players. But, do you know that listening to such music from a motion wall clock offers different sensation? Right now, many manufacturers create musical wall clock with a huge selection of songs…

Musical Wall Clocks for Your Home

Rhythm Clocks Joyful Land - Model #4MH850WD23

The musical wall clocks are nice addition for any homes. This kind of clock works with a pendulum. The clock has a unique style and creates easy-listening music. The music often serves as a therapy for people suffered from fibromyalgia. This syndrome causes pain all over the body. By listening to music produced from this wall clock, fibromyalgia can get…